It's been couple of months, that I have started working out in the gym under Karran's guidance.  What I like best about Karran is his workout technique and the knowledge of every muscle that is being trained for. On and off, he also guides on eating habits and is flexible with timings. I am absolutely loving the experience of working out in the gym, as I see good results. Karran is a great trainer and passionate about fitness, I wish him all the best towards his fitness journey for self as well as for his clients. I would strongly recommend Karran to anyone that is looking to get in shape. Thanks Karan!

Lavina, HR Head at The Times Of India

Karran is an absolute pro in workout regime. Karran’s knowledge is not limited to only the technique but also the inner workings of the muscle. I love working out under his guidance as he guides on specific muscle imbalances and makes me work on them. On and off I have trained with many trainers and I am yet to see someone who is so skillful and knowledgable in the field of fitness. He is extremely passionate about his workout as well as his client’s workout. Under his training I have seen good results. I have not just become stronger but also more knowledgeable and aware about my own body because during workouts Karan explains the scientific reason for doing each and every exercise. His focus and encouragement pushes me to try harder and achieve the unachievable. Working out with karran has been a tremendously positive and result oriented. If I could predict the future, I would say he is going to go a long way in the fitness industry. My only regret is that I wish I had trained with him much earlier."

Avinash Singh Jadon, Aditya Birla Capital

Karran is an outstanding master of his craft, with a treasure trove of fitness knowledge, and an expert in strength training. His workouts are well backed by science and he makes you stay away from superfluous activities - both in diet and workouts. Within two months of training with him, I was able to achieve visible change in my body through weight loss and incredible gain in strength. He makes workout fun and sets a very high standard as a personal trainer.

Bhavesh Chauhan, Student

Karran challenges me and seems to know my capabilities or how much more I can be pushed. He's easy to work with while still being challenging. He is knowledgeable about all aspect of fitness and gave me some excellent advice regarding nutrition. He inspired me to change my mentality about food and I've now got into a more natural and healthier habit. I must say: I found a professional trainer with the winning combination.

Hemant Mandhyani, Student

I know that here are many trainers out there, but Karran is kind of personal trainer that everyone needs!! What makes him unique is  that he constantly advocates compound exercises and the importance of a proper diet. Karran being a certified trainer and a nutritionist, he knows a good deal about the body and it's capacity and tweaks workout routines as per your suitability. Karran challenges you but also watches closely to ensure that your eagerness pushes you far enough but not to far. Karran not only focuses on mere aesthetics but also prolonged fitness and yeah he also remembers the count of reps that you've previously done which is absolutely crazy!! Thanks Karran for the ultimate coaching and the phenomenal progress!!!

Varun, Student

We all know that when the workout is done correctly, it helps losing fat, increases the strength and muscle tone, and improves bone density. If done incorrectly, however, wrong  weight training doesnt just eliminate the  benefits but  may even lead to injury. So the training with a good trainer is a  mandatory norm if one is serious about the fitness.  And I am lucky to have a perfect trainer to help me with my weight training regime and that's  Karran Kharas. He is simply brilliant.  I have witnessed Karan's growth in terms of   dimention in physique and  as a professional coach. It's enviable. I have trained with no of trainers earlier but training under Karan is a different experience.  He is sharp, focussed,  disciplined and well updated on his subject. He is a man of few words so he doesn’t waste even a minute in between with casual chit chat. His focussed approach,  structured workout plans and his understanding of client's need and limitations makes the training a satisfying experience.  Thanks Karan for helping me getting better with every training session. I love it.  God bless you and good luck.

Dr. Aparna Govind

I started gymming with Karan in March 2019 and can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve made. Karan pushes me to give my best. I look forward to my time in the gym now and always leave satisfied after a good workout session. He is extremely accommodating, encouraging and motivating and I recommend him to anyone who wants to get into fitness.

Ronan, Student

I have almost been training with Karan for 8 months now and I must say everyday has been a new and improved challenge. It definitely makes u confident and reassures  u of your goal and the best part is that there is attention given to detail. Thanks for being such a good mentor and I do look forward for the days to come.

Selvin, student

"Karan wrote a keto diet for me and said that, “Aunty, if you stick to this for three months, you will be transformed.” Honestly, I had my doubts as for a person who was already battling high triglycerides issues, was this diet of 3 eggs cooked in butter, paneer in ghee really the answer. Karan explained how carbs are the real culprit and not fat and protein as the conventional wisdom claims. Anyway, I said chalo let me give this a shot. I started the diet on 17th August 2017. I weighed 82.5 kg on the morning of my diet. Having gone through so many diets before, I realized the ease with which this diet works. I am not saying that it was easy to give up potatoes, chips and savories...but I was eating interesting food. I had stopped eating butter and ghee for many years. Even cheese was sparingly taken before. So eggs with cheese, butter was a yumptious substitute to potato preparation. When I lost 2.4 kgs at the end of week 1, Karan told me that the real weight loss will take place from the following week. It worked in week 2 too. In week 3 I had travel plans and it got me worried. A week at a new place could negate everything. However, Karan suggested that I can have paneer tikka masala or palak paneer for lunch and dinner. Eggs at breakfast wasn’t hard. Surprisingly, it worked and I could still stay on the program. Gradually I realized that this is not a hard diet to follow and it works. Today I have completed 21 weeks, travelled quite a few times without really interrupting my routine. I have lost about 14 kgs and am still counting. There are times for no rhyme and reason you gain a few hundred grams. Don’t get disheartened or don’t panic. Just continue. Of course, watching Karan follow his regime is bow- worthy...he is an epitome of self restraint and self discipline."

Madhavi Abhraham, Teacher at Jeddah